About Axianta

Axianta International was built based on firsthand experience of best practices in delivering quality design, construction and development services in multiple markets. The members of Axianta International were brought together to bring the best of both worlds to our clients – a large, international team of specialized experts combined with a full-time local presence and knowledge of the target markets, culture and language. This blend of strategic partners and local talent gives you value-based solutions, speed of execution and critical knowledge regardless of where your project is.

The cornerstone of Axianta International is Axianta Consulting, which provides integrated design and management consulting services globally. The founding partners of Axianta Consulting have worked on some of the highest profile projects in the world.

In March 2012, Axianta Consulting acquired Jouzy Consulting Engineers, a well-established provider of architecture and engineering services with a long history of projects in the MENA region. Through this acquisition, Axianta was able to enhance its regional presence by gaining access to the existing organizational structure already established by Jouzy.