Dave Cain

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Cain with his Partners at Axianta International and the GO AVIATION GROUP have joined hands to create THE AXIANTA INTERNATIONAL GROUP to focus on International Project Development opportunities which now includes strategic Partners in United States, Kingdome of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, Jordan, United Kingdom, Turkey, and Brazil.


Mr. Cain completed a 20-year career in the United States Air Force, filling a myriad of leadership positions and retiring as the Chief of Services Mogadishu (Operation Restore/Continue Hope) in 1994. Upon his retirement, he managed complex, large-scale construction and logistics support projects for Halliburton-Brown & Root in Europe as an International Project Manager, International Director of Engineering, Logistics, and Program Manager. Mr. Cain has liaised between Halliburton and the U.S. Government, U.S. Military, Host Nation Governments, U.S. Department of State and countless other agencies in support of infrastructure construction, development of natural resources and special projects in Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

In the Balkans Mr. Cain led a staff of 5,500 employees for Kellogg Brown & Root for the engineering, construction, and logistics support services for the United States Army. The five year contract was valued at over $350 million USD annually.

Mr. Cain was one of the founding partners of the Recon International Group. Building the company from its beginnings to a multi-million dollar Logistics and Construction Company operating in the Middle East, South West Asia and Africa. Mr. Cain led the Recon International staff of 1,600 employees in completing over $500 million USD in infrastructure and industrial contracts.