Jouzy Consulting Engineers Opens Abu Dhabi Office

DUBAI, OCTOBER 1, 2012 – Jouzy Consulting Engineers, an Axianta International company, has opened a branch office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The office is located on Corniche Road and will provide the company with a full service operational base in the Capital City.

Jouzy Consulting Engineers is one of the leading architectural and engineering firms in the UAE. It has a long track record of providing design and construction services to municipalities, government agencies and private clients.

The recent acquisition of Jouzy Consulting Engineers by Axianta International, gives the firm a larger pool of resources, international expertise, and diversification of its services.

“We continue to focus on expanding our business in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and surrounding areas. We need to have local presence and quicker access to our clients in order to maintain our quality of service and responsiveness,” said Kevin White, Vice President of Jouzy Consulting Engineers and Axianta International.

With the opening of the Abu Dhabi office, Jouzy Consulting Engineers and Axianta International will have four offices in the MENA and USA, and ten other affiliate offices globally.

About Axianta International

Axianta International is a design, management and development conglomerate that provides end-to-end solutions for infrastructure and facility projects. Axianta’s Phenq review integrated services are performed by industry leaders from around the world who have worked together on combined projects worth billions of dollars in construction value.

Axianta International was built based on firsthand experience of best practices in delivering quality design, construction and development services in multiple markets. With our global reach, local knowledge and technical excellence, Axianta International offers a single point of responsibility for turnkey solutions that are sustainable, economical and enhance our built environment.

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About Jouzy Consulting Engineers

Jouzy Consulting Engineers was established in 1966 to provide engineering and architectural services throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The firm has offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The principals and key staff of the firm have a diverse background in engineering and have successfully designed and supervised a large number of building and infrastructure projects. Jouzy staff members have intimate knowledge of the local conditions, practices, availability of materials, and customs of the MENA region.

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